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charne brent christensen

Charne Brent Christensen was born in the beautiful seaside city of Cape Town in South Africa. He was first introduced to art in junior school and loved drawing for hours on end but soon after completing high school, he embarked on a happy and illustrious career in hospitality and it was not until he immigrated to New Zealand in 2011 that his passion for art was reawakened.


Charne soon developed his own mature and disciplined approach to his artwork after joining a few Christchurch art schools and online courses, and draws inspiration from other artists, especially Michael James Smith, a distinguished photo realist artist in the UK.


New Zealand’s magnificent landscape inspires him to capture colour onto canvas, which he does with such “realism” that it offers a photographic quality to his art, each painting a cherished representation of the country’s vibrant and timeless natural beauty.


Charne has received several merit awards for his paintings and has exhibited in the renown Christchurch Art Show and in the Pumanawa Art Gallery. His paintings sit proudly on display not only in several homes throughout New Zealand, but also in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. 


His artistry continues to reach new heights, making him an exciting and noteworthy addition to the Christchurch Fine Arts scene.


Follow him on Facebook : The Art of Charne Brent Christensen.

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