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All printing is completed on our Canon printer that uses the PFI-1000 inks that offer long print life, and being pigment based, produce the brightest of colours resulting in super sharp detail.
We have selected a range of papers that pair perfectly with these inks to provide you with the best printing prices available.

Canon Luster 260gsm

The Canon Luster Photo Paper with its smooth lustre surface is a satin inkjet photo paper and is reminiscent of traditional resin coated papers used in darkrooms. Photo Paper Pro Luster is designed to provide a consistent look and delivers vivid colours with sharp details as well as stunning black and white prints with rich blacks and smooth tonality.

There is changeover to Ilford Smooth Pearl, as we run down our stocks of Canon Luster.
Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl Paper from Ilford features a wide color gamut and a smooth pearl finish.
The paper's 310 g/m2 weight provides a heavy, professional quality medium. The nanoporous instant dry surface provides maximum ink absorption and allows for worry-free paper handling right out of the printer.

Canon Pro Platinum 300gsm
Professional photographers need ultimate gloss surface paper to show their work to its best advantage, and Canon has the paper that won’t look out of place in any gallery – Photo Paper Pro Platinum. With high optical density thanks to its six-layer construction, the optimum studio results can be achieved.


Size                                                        Luster/Smooth Pearl                                               Pro Platinum

6x4 (153x102mm)                                            $9.00                                                                $11.00

7x5 (178x127mm)                                            $9.00                                                                $11.00

8x6 (203x153mm)                                            $9.00                                                                $11.00

10x8 (253x203mm)                                          $9.00                                                                $11.00

11x14 (279x356mm)                                        $16.00                                                              $20.00

8x12 (203x305mm)                                          $13.00                                                              $12.00

12x16 (305x406mm)                                        $18.00                                                              $20.00

12x12 (305x305mm)                                        $16.00                                                              $20.00

16x20 (406x508mm)                                        $33.00                                                              $35.00

A5 (210x148mm)                                             $9.00                                                                $11.00

A4 (210x297mm)                                             $9.00                                                                $11.00

A3 (297x420mm)                                             $18.00                                                              $20.00

A2 (420x594mm)                                             $33.00                                                              $35.00

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