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helois ehlers

My passion for making things stared at a young age, experimenting with multimedia, but due to the fact
that I can’t draw, I had to find another way of expressing my art.

I discovered that I was able to build things from almost anything that led me to my favourite subjects,
diesel, steam punk and insects.
I love the natural world and I’m passionate about providing my audience with alternatives for their bug
collections as the exploitation of insects and spiders through commercialisation represents a serious
threat to rare species and to common species that provide valuable ecological services. The speed,
scope, and anonymity, of online commerce places full monitoring and managing of exploitation beyond
the resources available to regulatory agencies.

My “Creations” are made from plastic kit parts, jewellery bits, everyday hardware items and whatever I
can lay my hands on.

I have recently expanded my repertoire to mechanical fish, referring to this series as “Future Oceans”
I refer to my art as “Mechanical Anthropology”

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