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helmut hirler

After finishing my 3 years apprenticeship as a photographer in 1973 I was working as a fashion and advertising photographer.
In 1979 I made the master degree in photography and started to work as a tutor in the Photo Department of a vocational training school in Germany, which I left after 30 years.

In 2012 my partner Sally Maguire and I established the ARTMOSPHERE GALLERY in Waipawa (Central Hawkes Bay) and we ran it till we sold the house and the business in 2021.

The main part of my private work was always B&W photography and there in special B&W Infrared  Photography. Since three decades I work with my 6x17cm Technorama cameras and take my landscape photographs worldwide. 

I still work on film and develop my negatives and my silver gelatine prints by myself.
Meanwhile I published many books and calendars and part of my work goes to galleries or collectors all over the world. 

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