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jo lysaght

I studied at Wellington School of design as a graphic designer and that has kept my days full for the last 28 years. I do find working on a computer creatively restrictive and that’s when I returned to lino and woodcutting.

The thing I love about print making is that some of it’s controlled but a great deal is out of your hands and that’s where the magic happens.

I love that it’s not straight-edged and smooth like everything use I do on the computer, the texture and its ability to surprise you when you peel back the paper is very addictive.

I’ve been experimenting with techniques for 5 years now and I have chosen animals and nature for my first explorations as I think woodcutting suits these themes. I’m not sure where or what my style will develop into, but I’m loving the process of trial and error and learning something new on each new work.

If you’d like to see more of my prints, my face book page is @HollybushPrints

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